China Mandatory CCC Certification
China CQC Voluntary Certification

China Mandatory CCC Certification

China State Administration of Quality Supervision (AQSIQ) issued the "Regulations for Compulsory Product Certification system " to regulate the china compulsory product certification system for replacing the original safety quality licensing system for import goods and the electrical product safety certification system. China Compulsory Certification in short is CCC or 3C, is a statutory compulsory safety certification system , which is also the basic approach and concept being widely applied in protecting international consumer, safeguarding consumers' personal and property safety .

The "compulsory product certification catalog" scope includes household appliances, automobiles, safety glass, medical equipment, wire and cable, toys and other products. Among all compulsory product classifications, a total of 18 product categories, 146 product types were designated into the of CQC (China Quality Certification Center) voluntary certification group.

Application Flowchart to Obtain CCC

The following flowchart gives an overview of the process flow from application until obtaining CCC.

Application for certification  
Submission of materials and samples  
Initial factory inspection  
Issuance of certification  
CCC marking or labeling
  • The applicant conducts procedures pertaining to CCC marking or labelling
Factory Supervision
  • This is performed once a year by the certifying organization.

China CCC certification scope

Cord sets IT equipment
Circuit switching and protection or Connection Devices Lighting equipment
Low-voltage electrical Motor vehicles and safety Accessories
Low power motors Motor vehicle tries
Electric power tools Safety glass
Electric power tools Telecommunications terminal equipment
Electric welder Safety Protection Products
Household and similar equipment Decoration products
Audio and video equipment category Toys