Electronic circuits are used in some toys. In order to fully protect the safety of children regarding electrical safety, the relevant safety issues attract the attention of countries. Currently, China, the United States, the European Union and other countries and regions have formulated relevant provisions and standards to govern the safety of electric toys available in the market.

Child Care Safety Testing

Child Care products development rapidly in the market, while the safety of child care products also aroused the concern of the whole society. Currently Europe, the United States and other countries and regions have set up special strict regulations and standards to govern the market towards the safety of child care products.

Children's Jewelry Testing

Children jewelry should be paid more attention to prevent the occurrence of disease. Younger children are still in the growth stages, and some poor quality jewelry materials would lead to harmful effects of children's skin eg. allergic phenomena. EU, U.S., Canada and other countries or regions have developed specialized children's jewelry and regulations, some of which limit the content of metal elements.

Stroller / crib safety testing

These products are mainly targeted for children with lower capacity, so its safety standard is being concern. For many countries the usage of these products has been classified in different types, and to control the safety by developing a targeted standard.

Student supplies safety test

School suppliers are things that middle school students contact every day. Europe and other developed countries would often recall some of the non-compliant children's stationery products. Some safety issues directly affect such industrial development.

Furniture products testing services

In order to provide necessary technical support services towards the design, import & export of furniture items, CTI provides testing services throughout the raw materials physical and chemical, the quality of appearance, the product physical and chemical properties, the stability, the safety and environmental performance.

Imitation jewelry testing services

There is strictly regulation towards the toxic substance world, especially for children jewelry. Europe, USA, Canada, Japan, and China have all set up a variety of regulations and standards to govern the imitated jewelry products on the markets inside imitated jewelries all over the

Candle-related product testing services

Candle sales continue to increase, but the related accidents keep increases too; including the likes of fire burning items or hurting children. The accidences mainly caused by the design and material problems of candles, candlesticks and appendages, the misleading of instruction manual and the improper use of consumers.

Ceramic and Bath-sanitation Product Test

According to the development of real estates, the market demand towards architectural decoration and material keep increasing. The demand of quality of building ceramics, sanitary wares and bathroom-products keep increasing too.

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