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Food packaging materials, tableware, cookware and kitchen appliances have been also known as indirect food additives, with a common abbreviation of FCM (Food Contact Materials), is a class of articles used to protect food safety, sanitation, to facilitate transportation, and to promote sales. In the process of contact with food, the substances in food contact materials may migrate into food. Therefore, various countries have developed their own standards on FCM regulation.

CTI provides testing services and custom consulting services related according to national testing standards and relevant regulations.

Country/Region and Standard Materials
European Union(1935/2004/EC) (EU No.10/2011) Plastic, glass, ceramic, rubber, silicon, coatings
USA(FDA 21CFR Parts 170-189) Plastic, glass, ceramic, rubber, silicon, paper, paperboard, coatings, sealing gaskets
Germany(LFGB Sec.30&31) Metal, plastic, rubber, paper, paperboard, ceramic, silicon, non-stick coatings
France(DGCCRF 2004-64) Plastic, plastic composite, paper, paperboard, rubber, silicon, aluminum, tin, ceramic, stainless steel, cast iron
Italy (DM 1973-03-21) Plastics, rubber, silicone, coating, glass, ceramic, stainless steel
Japan (Japanese Food Sanitation Law Article 370) Plastic, rubber, silicon, paper, paperboard, glass, ceramic, metal cans
Korea(KFDA) Plastic, rubber, silicon, glass, ceramic, metal, paper, paperboard, regenerated cellulose film
China(GB) Plastic resin, phenolic epoxy coating, PTFE coating, composite, paper, porcelain enamel, glass, ceramic, rubber, stainless steel, aluminum

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