Under Regulation 1907/2006(EC), the EU voted in the Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, and Restriction of chemical substances. CTI can perform nearly all aspects of a company’s needs in REACH obligations and submits registrations and pre-registrations to the ECHA on our clients’ behalf. CTI provides a web portal where you can verify that your product can fulfill REACH requirement or not.12345

CTI is committed to supply solutions of cosmetic quality management. We have a team of Certified Toxicologists who provide comprehensive testing solutions according to the requirements of China, Europe, USA, and Canada among others. Furthermore, CTI also offers their clients with regulation consultation, news items about the cosmetic industry, and updates of related regulations.

Different regulations of cosmetics

Country or region Regulation
EU 76/768/EEC (update to 1223/2009/EC)
USA 21CFR700
Canada Cosmetic Regulation of the Food and Drug Act; C.R.C., c869
Australia The National Industrial Chemicals Notification and Assessment Scheme
China Hygienic Standard for Cosmetics
ASEAN ASEAN Cosmetic Directive

Laboratory testing services for cosmetics

CTI FDD’s laboratory provides the following testing services for cosmetics according to China Hygienic Standard for Cosmetics, European Pharmacopoeia (EP) 2.6.12&2.6.13, British Pharmacopoeia (BP) Appendix XVIB and U.S. Pharmacopeia (USP) 61 & 62.

  1. Test for Microbial Contamination
  2. Test for antimicrobial effectiveness
  3. Analysis of Toxic Heavy metal elements
  4. Analysis of restrictive or forbidden chemicals in cosmetics
  5. Preservatives and Colouring agents

Toxicological Risk Assessment for cosmetics

Assess toxicological risk of products according to the requirements of Europe, USA, Canada, etc.

Labeling & ingredients review

EU 76/768/EEC (update to 1223/2009/EC)
USA 21CFR701 & 740
China Hygienic Standard for Cosmetics, GB 5296.3 instruction for use of consumer products – general labeling for cosmetics

Other testing services

Testing service for sun protection factor (SPF) and UVA protection with in vitro method

Testing service for cleaning products

Testing service for antibacterial products

We also offer more service related to cosmetic industry:

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