Invested by Centre Testing International Corporation (SZ: 300012), CTI Biotechnology (Suzhou) Co.,Ltd is a Contract Research Orgnaisation (CRO) company for pre-clinical research for new drugs, providing animal experiment facilities and services in screening, development, pharmacodynamics research and safety evaluation and testing of new drug for pharmaceutical enterprises and research organizations.

Located in Kunshan New and High-Tech Development Zone, the facilities of CTI Biotechnology (Suzhou) covers 46700 sqm, with a total floor area of about 53,000 sqm. The first phase of 13,300 sqm consists of a four-floored main building, a power station and wastewater treatment facilities, including 2200 sqm for Specific Pathogen Free (SPF) -level animal experiment and over 6000 sqm animal facilities with full automatic air conditioning and cleaning system. The laboratory is designed and constructed conforming to international Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) standards and relevant state regulatory requirements. The labs will be equipped with advanced scientific instruments equipment of over 50 million RMB covering researches in toxicology, pathology, clinical test, analytical test and related fields. The first phase of CTI Biotechnology (Suzhou) will be put into use in October 2013.

CTI Biotechnology (Suzhou) has established strategic partnership collaboration with Huaxi Hospital of Sichuan University and State Drug Safety Evaluation Center (Chengdu), forming an outstanding research team with international CRO experience and qualifications. We will offer world's leading pre-clinical research and testing services for new drugs and capabilities for large-scale and standardized services.


We conduct safety evaluations of new drugs (Biotechnology-derived Pharmaceuticals, small molecules, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Biomaterials) and provide regulatory submission materials.

  1. Single dose Toxicity studies
  2. Repeated dose Toxicity studies
    Rhesus or cynomolgus monkey, Beagles, Rats, Rabbits
  3. Reproductive and Developmental Toxicity studies
    Phase I: Study of fertility and early embryonic development to implantation
    Phase II: Study for effects on pre-and postnatal development, including maternal function
    Phase III: Study for effects on embryo-fetal development
  4. Genotoxicity studies
    Salmonella/Mammalian Microsome Assay (Ames Test)
    Chromosome Aberration Test
    TK Gene Mutation Test
    Mouse Marrow Micronuclei Test
  5. Carcinogenic studies
  6. Allergic (local, in vivo, Photosensitivity) Test, hemolysis test and local (blood vessel, skin, mucous membrane, muscle) Irritation Test
  7. Immunotoxicity studies
  8. Safety Pharmacological studies
    Cardiovascular System
    Central Nervous System
    Respiration System
  9. Pharmacokinetic / Toxicokinetic Studies (PK/TK Study)

We also offer more service related to biotechnology industry:

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